Roco Manufacturing.

Roco Manufacturing is a small machine shop lead by two young, talented and ambitious individuals with over 7 years industry experience. With future planned ambitions we will disturb the US Manufacturing Industry. Having a clearly set goal and plan has allowed and motivated us to constantly grow and improve our capabilities, systems, engineering and quality while practicing lean manufacturing since the begining of our journey!

Our Mission is to provide the Highest Quality Standards along with Commitment while Sustaining on time delivery in the Manufacturing Industry.

We are striving for the cutting-edge technology to assure our customers with the most efficient standards of manufacturing and optimizing lean manufacturing.

Company Motto

No matter how much time passes, No matter how much technology evolves, A quote by Igor Sikorsky shall always remain true. Otherwise we might just lose our purpose.

- "The work of the individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward." (c) Igor Sikorsky. From this comes our motto. "Together we build the world and move mankind forward."