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Full-service, precision manufacturing shop specializing in production machining, prototype machining, and engineering services.

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Roco MFG is a contract manufacturing company that specializes in CNC Machining, Milling, Turning, Turnkey Design, Reverse Engineering, and other manufacturing services

Our Team

CEO & President

Roman M. Buben

Roman M. Buben is the CEO & President at ROCO MFG. Born in Ukraine, Roman first came to the United States when he was 6 years old. He has always been fascinated with Machinery and Software, beginning to learn and practice Software Engineering at a young age of 11 years old, which later lead him to becoming a CNC Machinist and a Manufacturing Engineer.

With more than seven years of industry experience, he had achieved the expertise in not only producing high-quality aerospace components using CNC Machines, but also managing the company. In fact, it was this experience and his entrepreneurial spirit that led him to open Roco Manufacturing in 2020. In addition, Roman’s Software Engineering skills are instrumental in developing ROCO MFG’s own software solutions, including an ERP System and a CFQ (Customer-Friendly Quoting) System. Roman's life motto comes from Igor Sikorsky's words, which are "The work of individual still remains the spark that moves mankind forward”, from which comes the company motto: "Together we build the world and move mankind forward". He believes in hard work being able to bring fantastic results and a change into the ever evolving world.

Vice President Operations

Andrii Hurnaik

Andrii Hurniak is the Vice President of Operations at ROCO MFG. Andrii emigrated to the United States from Ukraine in 2016. His Degree in Advanced Computer Technologies together with his Detail Oriented personality have allowed him to join and grow in the aerospace manufacturing industry in 2017.

Andrii’s experience in the manufacturing industry of over five years in CNC Machining, Planning, Automation, Assembly, Customer Relations, Painting, Marking and Final Product Finishing allowed him to advance further and join Roco MFG as a Co-Owner and Vice President of Operations in 2021. In his current role, Andrii oversees all day-to-day operations within the company with a focus on continues improvement through lean process improvement initiatives. His dedication to ensuring that all aspects of the manufacturing processes are as efficient as possible give him a unique perspective on the industry’s processes that improve quality and reduce cost.

Roco Manufacturing


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